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Upcoming Important Meetings in New Durham

At the Town Meeting in March 2014 the Townspeople of New Durham voted to discontinue the annual Town Meeting and instead vote on all annual warrant articles at the polling booth.  This is sometimes called being “an SB2 Town”, after the bill designation that allowed this type of government.

The Town Meeting discussions now take place at a meeting referred to as a “Deliberative Session”.  This year that session will be held at 7PM at the New Durham School on Wednesday February 3, 2016.  It is important that New Durham’s taxpayers and voters attend this meeting to understand the status of the town, understand the proposed warrant articles, provide any input on those articles, and if registered, prepare for your vote on on March 8th.

Details on these meetings can be found on the town website,

For those unable to attend in person, the session will be televised on the local cable system. For those who are remote, it will be streamed live via

During the past year, many voters, taxpayers, and lake residents have expressed concern about various changes in our New Durham government and public safety organizations.  In less than two years in New Durham we have seen the turnover of 2 Assessors, 3 Code Enforcement Officers, 3 Finance Officers, a Road Agent, 3 full time Police Officers, several part time Officers, a Fire Chief and numerous Firefighters, the Town Mechanic, a Recreation Director, the Library Director, 2 Treasurers, 1 member of the Highway Department, the Police Chief, the Police Administrative Assistant, and most recently the Town Clerk/Tax Collector.

It is extremely important that people attend the SB 2 meeting on Wednesday February 3rd and support the efforts of the Budget Committee, department heads and others.  Amendments, increases, or reductions in department budgets can be made from the floor during the Deliberative Session so it is important to stay informed on these actions prior to the vote in March. Please plan to attend and make your voice heard.



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