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 Ice-out 2015

Declaring Ice-out at 7:46 PM, Wednesday, April 22nd! - While there are still a few pieces of ice floating around, there is a clear, straight, boat line from one end of the lake to the other. Ice Out 2015 has arrived!


Wednesday, April 22nd, 2PM -  Another panorama taken at 2:00 PM this afternoon. A light but steady breeze has moved most of the remaining ice into the northern coves.  Still a large pack remaining between Pine Point and the Eastern Shore. I don't think it will go today, but it may all be clear by dawn tomorrow. Note ice pushing up on rocks in picture below.  As wind pushes remaining thin ice on shore, it speeds the melting process.




 Wednesday, April 22nd, 8AM-  Changing format a bit as things get close.  This panorama taken at 7:30 AM this morning. Some skim refreezing over night. It appears that much of the water near the horizon is open, and reports are that much of the rest of the lake is open.  I don't think this will all go today.  Normal picture posts later in the day.


Tuesday, April 21st -  Finally, some significant changes. Rain, thunder, lightning, wind...a lot of the ice moved toward the western sides of the lake.  Then mid-day today, it all shifted back toward the east. Once it starts breaking up and moving, it doesn't take long.  (hopefully the blue foam block that blew in this morning is not part of someones dock)


Monday, April 20th -  Progress is slow but steady. Open areas skimmed over again last night.  But they are getting bigger and more numerous. Rain and wind of the next few days will do damage. Melting from below is working too.  Areas of ice look to be now 6" or less thick.


Saturday, April 18th -  Starting to see progress now. Opening at the stream has widened considerably, most of the lake is now noticably darker.  Open area at Pine Point for the first time.


 Thursday, April 16th -  Nights like last night are why it always seems to take longer than most anticipate.  Open areas were frozen or skimmed over in the AM due to below freezing temps in the early AM. It takes until almost noon just to get back to where things were the previous evening.


 Wednesday, April 15th - Noticable changes in the past 24 hours.  Finally signs of the ice pulling away from the shorelines, and several dark areas have developed in the middle of the lake.  The latter is always a good indicator of the ice weakening.


Monday, April 13th - Hit 70+ degrees this afternoon.  But yup, the ice is still there.


Sunday, April 12th - Beautiful day! Warm and sunny (finally!).  But ice is not going anywhere anytime soon.  I walked out 20-30 yards.  Still a solid 18-24" ther



Saturday, April 11th - No visible changes. Windy and raw.  But temps in mid-40's, and it stayed above freezing last night. Much warmer temps later today and for several more days. Most of snow from Thursday is now gone.


Thursday, April 9th - While 2-3" of new snow won't speed things up, the forecast for the next 6-7 days is for 60's and some 70's.  More importantly, the nights will not be going below freezing.  We should see some real changes starting this weekend.


 Wednesday, April 8th - The only changes seem to be from below.  Some with water probes on the big lake are reporting that the deeper water temps are rising, which means melting from below. I've also heard more gurgling and ice movement sounds than has been the case all winter.  It's starting, but still very slow.  Tonight's predicted snow won't help any.


 Monday, April 6th - Not much change as temps remain below normal. In fact, as I edit this, it has started to snow! :-O


Saturday, April 4th - The watch for Ice-Out begins. Everything is still locked in. Not much evidence of melting around rocks and shoreline. Ice is still strong enough to walk on.  Most reports are 24"+. It's going to be a while yet...



I will post 2 pictures each day to show the progress of ice-out on Merrymeeting Lake.  The pictures will be taken from approximately the same viewpoint and at the same time each day.  On the left, from the eastern shore looking toward Birch Ridge. On the right, the view toward Adder Hole, at the entry of one of the primary stream feeds into the lake. 


The LakeCam will still show the view from the western side of the lake.

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