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 Ice-out 2014

 Beginning on April 1st, I will post 2 pictures each day to show the progress of ice-out on Merrymeeting Lake.  The pictures will be taken from approximately the same viewpoint and at the same time each day.  On the left, from the eastern shore looking toward Birch Ridge. On the right, the view toward Adder Hole, at the entry of one of the primary stream feeds into the lake. 


The LakeCam will still show the view from the western side of the lake.

Merrymeeting Lake Ice_Out! Saturday, April 19th, 2PM

As expected, the wind broke up the remaining ice packs during they day. While there are still some slushy areas in some coves and corners, the lake is clear from the marina to the middle of the eastern shore.  Our official ice-out criterion has been met!

Some of the large ice chunks that were pushed into docks and breakwaters over the past 24 hours...

Saturday, April 19th - At dawn today, the large ice pack on the eastern shore had moved southwest and was now pushing on Pine Point.  At about 10 AM, a strong breeze came up and it started moving toward the eastern shore again.  The ice pack is still very thick in some areas, and unfortunately a few docks on the eastern shore have taken a beating. With all the movement and wind, it will most likely break up later today.


Friday, April 18th - The cold nights have slowed ice-out progress to a standstill.  Still several, large ice sheets floating around. Could still be today, but I suspect tomorrow.  Check back later today for updates.


 Thursday, April 17th - Very cold overnight, but large areas of water still opened up during the night. A few large ice sheets still stubbornly hanging on in Pleasant Cove, Adder Hole, and along the eastern shore. Some of the open areas skimmed over again last night as seen in left photo. The loons are back!  One was spotted in Elly Cove today!


 Wednesday, April 16th - The Bad News: Below freezing this morning with snow on the ground. The Good News: The driving rain, temps, and winds of the past few days substantially weakened the ice pack.  Many on the north and western sides of the lake (Broad Cove, marina area) are reporting "ice-out". However most of it was blown to the southeastern side of the lake where the ice pack is still fairly large and solid. In summary, clear from the dam to Pleasant Cove, ice on north side of Pleasant Cove to the eastern shore.  But it is still melting and breaking up. Note ice building up and breaking on rock in left photo.


 Tuesday, April 15th - THe ice is noticably darker, more water showing on edges which are finally starting to look thin.


 Monday, April 14th - Not much change from yesterday.  Just a bit more melting. Temps still in high 60's.


Sunday, April 13th - Back after a short break for travel.  As you can see below, many changes over the past week.  Most of the snow in the area is gone, the ice is finally pulling away from the shorelines.  But don't be deceived by the pictures. Much of ice pack is still strong enough to walk on (if you could get to it). Probably at least another week, if not longer.  We'll see what happens with high temps and very high winds tomorrow.  Hopefully the moving ice won't cause too much damage.


Tuesday, April 8th - Sorry, I'm unavailable to take the pictures for the next few days.  The series will resume on Sunday.

Sunday, April 6th - Very windy and cold today. Everthing still refreezing at night.  But finally starting to see things pulling away from the rocks and shoreline in the sunny areas.



Saturday, April 5th - Other than the increasing opening near the stream, no noticable melting.  I hope it is melting underneath.


Friday, April 4th - Beginning to see open water from the stream on the right.  Otherwise not much movement.  Even the shoreline rocks are still mostly covered in ice.


Wednesday, April 2nd - Not much change.  Lots of melting yesterday and the stream is running hard. But just below freezing last night so some refreezing that doesn't start melting again until about noon


 Tuesday, April 1st - Still locked in tight. The two pictures on the bottom show how things looked on the same day last year.  But looks are deceiving. Other than the opening where the stream comes in, they look similar. But the real difference is below the surface.  Last year the ice was about 12" thick.  As of last weekend this year, measurements of 26-28" were still being taken in this area.



How things looked on April 1, 2013.  The full 2013 ice-out series can be seenhere

Monday, April 1, 2013

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