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Lake Level Concerns

Many MMLA members have expressed understandable concern and frustration about the lake level this year, starting with the unusually low levels this past spring.

In late August, the MMLA president and vice-president met with representatives from the NH Dam Bureau, NH Fish & Game, and New Durham, to discuss the ongoing issues with the level of the lake and what can be done to improve things in the future.

The bad news is that we will not see much relief this summer. The lake level did not come up to its usual level this spring, resulting in a start of the summer season with a level that was already 6-8” lower than normal.

Anticipated spring rains never came, and the snowpack evaporated faster than expected, rather than soaking into the ground and running into the lake as it usually does. This has also resulted in similar level problems at nearby lakes managed by dams, Squam, Winnisquam, and others. This issue is not exclusive to Merrymeeting.

With lower than normal rain levels continuing in the forecast, we anticipate that the lake level will continue to drop through September. Unless inflows increase (not anticipated), there is not much that can be done at this point to stop this.

On a more positive note, both Fish & Game and Dam Bureau officials have committed to much better communication and cooperation with the MMLA on communicating lake level and dam management decisions, and including us in these decisions in the future.

We are now discussing plans for a lower than usual drawdown next Fall to allow lake residents to plan for and obtain permits for shorefront and dock maintenance that may be necessary. Details will be communicated when available, by early next year that the latest.



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