Past Event Materials and Presentations

Sunday, September 8, 2019
MMLA Meetinghouse 10-11 AM

New Durham Residents and local hiking aficionados, Matt Murphy and Jeff Allard, gave presentations on hiking and snowmobiling in the Birch Ridge Community Forest, wildlife in the watershed, and how to be prepared for hiking in the relatively remote sections of our area. Cathy Orlowicz, New Durham Town Historian, added commentary on trail history.

Matt’s Slides

This PDF file contains all the QR codes for website access as shown in the BRCF presentation.
You can access the websites by scanning the codes with any smart phone or tablet that is connected to the internet.
1- Simply open the PDF on your computer
2- Put your smart phone or tablet in camera mode
3- Point to the QR code – your device will recognize each of the QR codes as a website
4- Tap to open on your device

Contained are:
360-degree views of the BRCF cabin – YouTube channel playlist
Free access the AllTrails website and app
Complete GPS maps for the Lake Trail and Birch Ridge Loop with AllTrails
Maps in AllTrails are also downloadable and printable
All the picture used in the presentation are recorded as wayward points in the trail maps


Jeff’s Slides